Areas with active clusters of covid-19 cases in Brazil until 18th April 2020

Understanding the map

This map presents the results of a prospective spatiotemporal analysis applied to identify active clusters of excess cases of covid-19. Click on the circles. Each circle indicates an active area of ​​excess cases considering all the cases that have occurred since the beginning of the epidemic (02/25) to the present date. It is possible to see the time interval in which the excess risk area started. In each circle are presented: the number of deaths observed, the number of deaths expected according to the population at risk, the start date of the cluster, the relative risk (RR), and the total population within the circle, estimated for the year 2019 (IBGE). RR is the estimated risk within the circle (observed / expected) divided by the estimated risk for the entire area outside the cluster. Within each circle, it is possible to click on the points (municipalities), for which the information is presented in particular.

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